A letter to indie va 💌

To indie va (Lyd),
2022 was a big year. A tough year. A lot happened, EVERYTHING changed. You hit your one year work anniversary and have carried on to surpass it. You saw a big chunk of Asia, whilst keeping your business afloat. You met and worked with some amazing people who you learnt and are still learning a lot from. You had your continuous three week ‘business breakdowns’ which you’ve now managed to get a better hold on. You updated your business name, as well as rebranding the website. You learnt about new platforms, software and became obsessed with AI. You invested back into yourself and your business. You made mistakes and moved on. You had tricky clients and took a step back. You lost the passion, worried about the passion and found the passion again. You struggled. You were lost, but found a better you. You managed to make more money than you did when you worked for an agency. You cried and smiled, (a lot). You realised that working for yourself was the best decision you’ve ever made. You had a great year.
2023 will be an even bigger year. You have some big goals that you want to achieve, kicking off with exploring South America in February. This year, you’ll become more of a sustainable business, you’ll learn to ride the wave more and to be understanding and forgiving when things don’t go to plan. You’ll reach out to more communities and create a close knit group of supportive people. You’ll struggle. You’ll create a course for other Virtual Assistants. You’ll branch out into offering packages and different project approaches. You’ll carry on writing. You’ll be consistent. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll pivot ideas. You’ll work hard. You’ll have more time off. You’ll face challenges. You’ll work with even more brilliant, amazing people. You’ll find your rhythm. You’ll be stronger and more confident in decisions. You won’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll think big and say fuck it. You’ll help people. You’ll love what you do and you’ll be proud.
It’s going to be a wild one.