Are you a betting person?

Betting on yourself is important, especially if you are an Indie Hacker. But what does it actually mean to take that leap of faith?
Someone who bets on themselves isn’t waiting around for an opportunity to pop up. They are creating their own opportunities. Life is too short to be waiting around for something that may or may not happen. Take the risk.
Of course, the above is a lot easier said than done. Betting on yourself is a subjective thing, it could mean anything depending on what your goal is. It could be setting up your own business, moving out alone or putting yourself first.

Why you aren’t betting on yourself:

  • It’s scary and risky
  • It’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable
  • It could lead to failure
  • It’s a lot of responsibility
  • It’s effort

Why you should be betting on yourself:

  • There’s no feeling like it
  • You learn to take calculated risks
  • You create more opportunities for yourself
  • Brilliant things will happen
  • You won’t have any regrets or what ifs
But why listen to me? Have I bet on myself?
The answer is yes. I am betting on myself every day even if I'm not sure about it. In the last year, I left my job with no plan and nothing lined up. I  started my own business and started Digital Nomading. Looking back, these are probably some of the most important decisions I have ever made for myself (and the best!).
Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do what YOU want to do. Believe in yourself, you won’t regret taking that leap of faith. ✨