I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best, here’s what they have to say.

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Jack Kowalsky
Founder of TranslateCI
⭐️ Content creation • Research • Documentation ⭐️
"Lyd has provided a ton of value from our first day working together. Marketing and content tasks used to get pushed aside because I just didn't have time. Now those tasks get done the right way and I have more time to focus on the things I'm good at and enjoy. Book that call to learn more, you'll be glad you did!”

Hugh Duffie
⭐️ Research • Process creation • Documentation ⭐️
I found Lydia when she answered a question about Notion for me on Twitter. She supported me through developing a range of templates for my consulting practice which has left me in a stronger place to deliver consistent value to my clients within a defined structure. Lyd is a quick learner and very organised, I enjoyed working together and would recommend!"
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Jack Bridger
⭐️ Podcast editing • Content creation • Research ⭐️
Lydia is very trustworthy and reliable and has had a dramatically positive impact on my business. Especially for a solo indie hacker, Lydia’s support is invaluable. Lydia has been especially amazing at research for me.”

Jordan Amblin & Richard Palmer
Founders of Timo
⭐️ Data entry • Copywriting • Cold outreach ⭐️
Lydia got up to speed in a few minutes and has continuously delivered beyond our expectations. Any task we've thrown at her, she's been quick to pick up and deliver on. Now we just let her get on with it and focus on building our business.”
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Charlie Ward
⭐️ Content creation • Data entry • Editing ⭐️
From day one Lydia has helped remove the stresses from the day-to-day tasks. I’m able to focus on growing the business whilst Lydia works on ticking the jobs off the list. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who is looking to free up their time!”

Richard Hughes-Jones
Executive Coach
⭐️ Finance & accounting support ⭐️
Lydia helped me set up and implement my monthly invoicing process in Xero. Lydia is thorough and diligent, and her support meant a big weight off my mind.”
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A big thank you to the best clients!

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