Hiring a Virtual Assistant: 5 tips to start off on the right foot

Before you get started with your new Virtual Assistant. Make sure you have the right foundations in place, so you and your Virtual Assistant can hit the ground running. ✨

Define what you'll be delegating

Of course not everything can be delegated, there will be tasks that will need your oversight and input. But there will be many different day-to-day activities that you can easily delegate to your Virtual Assistant who can help support you in the best way. Start by taking note of everything that you have going on. Once you have your overview, decide what tasks make sense to be delegated. Remember don’t hold on to tasks just just for the sake of it. Your Virtual Assistant is there to carry the load, they'll be able to take your tasks and run with them. So don’t worry!

Define processes + communications

Make sure to have defined a clear communication channel between the two of you. This could be Slack, Pumble or simply email. It’s important to have a safe space where questions can be asked if needed. Having this space will allow you to track progress and ensure efficiency.

Set expectations

So there isn't any confusion from the get go, set expectations and be clear on your desired outcomes for each task. Share the processes you would use to achieve these outcomes. Creating a set of step-by-step instructions for each task, to help them carry out the task at hand. This will help reduce confusion and miscommunication.
One client sent me a Loom. It took me through exactly what they needed me to do and was EXTREMELY helpful. It meant I had everything I needed to hit the ground running.πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ
Another reached out with a super clear email. IT WAS PERFECT. It covered what they were looking for, the tasks at hand and required timings. So I had everything I needed to respond.
Pulling together instructions may take you some time. But in the long run it will help you become more streamlined and efficient - so it will be completely worth it! I’m currently working on a resource for this very task. So keep your eyes peeled.πŸ‘€

A clear contract

Once you have defined your processes, communications and expectations. Make sure to pull together all the relevant information into a contract that you can share with your Virtual Assistant.
It's always better to have a contract in place. It's a great document to keep each party accountable. For instance, if one of you feels like the scope is changing, reference the contract and remind yourself what was originally agreed.
If you haven't created a contract before, it can be quite overwhelming. But don't worry, there are platforms out there that can help you pull together a clear and simple contract. Here are just a few of them:

Be realistic

Virtual Assistants are magical fairies, but they won't know everything! So be open to questions. If you throw something new at your Virtual Assistant just be mindful it may take them a bit of time to get up to speed with what's needed. Once they're up to speed, they'll be ticking things off of the list left, right and centre!βœ”οΈ
Good luck, you won't regret it!