My 2022 business goals 🚀

I decided to brainstorm my 2022 business goals. I wanted to go into the new year with some structure and a plan. A plan to smash 2022. I’m now feeling so much more positive and excited for the year ahead—let’s get cracking!
I’ve chunked my goals by quarter, so it isn’t as overwhelming as having one big list of goals. It will help me focus on what needs doing and when. I’m also open to my goals changing throughout the year. Who knows what could happen, so being fluid and going with the flow is my best bet.
Check them out below, do you have any similar goals? Let's keep each other going so we can smash them together!

Q1 Goals

My goals for Q1 are currently my most detailed goals. I know what I want to achieve and how to achieve them.
1. Become a Content Queen 💁‍♀️
  • 1+ blog post per week
  • 1+ tweet per day
  • Interact with 2+ people per day on Twitter
I want to be a whole lot more confident and consistent in my content. I want people to see me as someone who knows what they’re talking about but also as someone who is there to help! Building up my confidence in my own content, will mean I will reach out to more amazing people and will build up my network.
2. Increase revenue by 20%
  • Making the business sustainable
  • Invest in my growth and learning
By increasing my service costs, I will be able to reinvest back in my business. I’m hoping to invest in relevant equipment and software. Software to make my day to day a little easier. I want to participate in a marketing course, not only to improve my own marketing skills, but also my clients.
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Q2 Goals

After being a content queen and increasing revenue in Q1, I want to achieve the below in Q2.
  1. Amass 250+ followers on Twitter (If I haven’t already, who knows!). I’m super eager to talk to and meet loads of different people. Having a larger following will be great for Social proof.
  1. Once I’ve built out my business more and have a bigger following, I would like to rebrand. I want my brand to be slightly more premium looking and feel more legit. At the moment I think the brand is simple and clear, but it could be seen as being quite basic. I’m worried that this may convey that I don’t have experience or belief in what I do - which isn’t true. I would like to share the journey of rebranding on Twitter, to keep everyone posted on my progress! I’m really excited for this and can’t wait to see what the brand will look like—anything is possible!
  1. Review pricing, packaging and retainer offerings. By Q2 I will be about 6 months into my business, so I think it will be the perfect time to review the pricing structure as well as what services I’m offering. Ideally I would like to niche down in my offerings, so I can really nail the few services that I will be offering. I already have a few ideas on where it could go, but it is still early days at the moment!
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Q3 Goals

  1. Once I’ve reviewed the pricing structure, I want to move forward with the approach that I think would work best for the business going forward. I want a strong clear pricing structure that works well and grows with the business.
  1. I want to create something that allows me to have a passive income and that I don’t need to worry too much about. This will mean I can have a diverse source of income. I would love to get into this space and actually create something that will help people.
  1. In Q1 I aim to network through my content, interacting with potential clients. Once I’m more established and confident in my offerings in Q3, I want to work with other Virtual Assistants. Learning from them, understanding how they approach different situations and potentially even outsourcing some work to other VA’s. I’m super excited for this to happen!
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Q4 Goals

And finally Q4. It feels so odd thinking about December 2022 when we’ve only just kicked off the year. I have left my Q4 goals very open as I don’t feel like I can commit too much in Q4 just yet. I would love to be able to amass 500+ followers on Twitter - finishing the year on a high! ✨
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Let me know what your 2022 goals are and what your plan is to achieve them! 💪