Productive instead of busy 💫

The great Tim Ferris once said “Focus on being productive instead of busy”. This means we have no excuse for being “busy” all the time. You may look or feel busy, but looking back, have you actually accomplished anything?
Be more productive and less busy with the tips below.

Eat the frog (my fave tip)

Focus on completing your biggest and most challenging task first. Eat The Frog requires you to push back against all of the distractions —  both external and internal. It allows you to prioritise the actions that will actually bring you closer to your goals. By eating the frog you will dig deeper, set your own agenda and set yourself up to win.

Automation and delegation

Share as much as you can. Use software and virtual assistants to take the smaller tasks off of your list. By removing the smaller tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on your priorities and be more productive.

Early bird or night owl?

Are you an early bird or a night owl? We’re all productive at different times of the day. Find out when you create your best work and use that time wisely.
Try out the above and let me know if you are more productive than busy! ✨