Say goodbye to the Monday madness

Monday’s can be hectic. You’ve come back online after a busy weekend and the last thing you want is a 9am call. You’ve also amassed 30+ emails and have a deadline at 12. No wonder people hate Monday.
Say goodbye to the Monday madness and start your week off on the right foot. Here’s how:

A little prep goes a long way

It’s the worst feeling when you login on a Monday morning and everything hits you at once. Don’t waste your morning filtering through everything to figure out what’s priority. Block out some prep time every Friday afternoon to run through your plan for the following Monday. Plan out what you can tackle on Monday morning and leave a bit of time for anything that comes in over the weekend. You’ll now have purpose and motivation every Monday morning instead of being inundated and disinterested.

Batch your tasks

Reorganise the way you do certain activities. Instead of reading your emails at all times of the day and taking up your time, try batching similar tasks together. Make a list of everything you have to do and group similar tasks together. Once you’ve got your groups you can tackle each batch at a time. Context switching is difficult and time sensitive, so make sure you focus on similar jobs in one go and you’ll smash straight through the tasks!

Protect your best time of day

There’s normally a certain time of day where you are at your most productive, mine is definitely the morning! In the morning I’m a lot more motivated, positive and ready to get shit done. I then tend to flag in the afternoon, this means I won’t book any calls in the afternoon (if I can help it). Understand when you work at your best and protect that time, treat it like it’s gold dust! Don’t give that time away for anything. This is the time to focus on your high-priority tasks.
Try out the above, you’ll be excited for your Mondays in no time!